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Welcome to Armands Bay Beach

clothing-optional legal nude beach.

Home base for Armands Beach Leisure Group


A very enjoyable beach Summer has passed us by once again and indeed there has been some wonderful beach weather with quite a few regulars and visitors.

And now its Autumn and the days are still warm and balmy. So why not get down to Armands to enjoy and this current spate of balmy days and while the water is still a bearable temperature. We would love to see more people and families come to this beautiful beach, get involved with this friendly group so that we can organise more diverse activities at the beach and elsewhere (like hikes, fishing days, nude beach walks, possibly house boat hire) for young and old.

If you'd like to subscibe to our newsletter could you forward your email address to ABLG via this webpage or contact Errol on (02 6493 4108).


In the meantime you can view the......

Latest: Au Naturel No.104 Autumn 2019 Newsletter:
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You will also note that there has been a change in the front page image. This came about as a result of the Council removing the old sign and replacing it with a new form of sign that is now consistent with all the other beach signs.


REMINDER: If you are a subscriber to the quarterly newsletter whether you read it on line or have it posted by ordinary mail, there is an annual subscription fee of $5.00. This can be paid directly to Errol as either bank notes or as stamps (please email me or phone Errol if you need his posal address). This is to cover the cost of printing and postage. This subscription is due in MARCH.


Aplogies for the late update for our AUTUMN LEAVES DINNER on Saturday the 27th of April.

Go to the "NEWS and EVENTS" page for details.

Rated as one of the prettiest and accessible nude beaches in the world.(TAN) No1 Eastern States (S&H)


Mark your diaries now for the next "Family Fun in The Sun Day", March 10th 2019



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** TAN mag is also available from 777 now **
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